Board Meeting Minutes


October 19, 2021

Present: Marilee Rayome, Tammy Becker, Cindy Walton, Darlene Dean

Call Ins:  Sharon Clemens, Wanda Burns

Absent: Sarah Clerkin, Tena Jones, Monica Clark, Brandi Hurd

Meeting called to order at 7:06 pm

Minutes available: Minutes taken by Tammy Becker

Motion to accept: 1st-Cindy Walton, 2nd- Darlene Dean “Carried”

Treasurers Report: Wanda Burns

Savings: $6,786.37

Checking: $390.47

Investments: $76,321.84

Motion to accept: 1st: Darlene Dean, 2nd: Marilee Rayome ” Carried”

Old Business: -The library traffic is still slow, still unsure of how to increase patron traffic

    -Homecoming baskets raised $604.05

    -We discussed a new way of doing the raffle basket tickets and other fundraising ideas like doing          wreaths for future fundraising opportunities.

New Business: -Town Board agreed to pay for the stairs for access to the upstairs at the library.

    – There will be a 2 hour annual Trustee training that will be required by NY State mandate starting in 2023.

    – Opting for a rolling cart for $79.00 for the tv instead of a wall mount

Motion to purchase cart for $79.00, 1st- Tammy Becker, 2nd Cindy Walton ” Carried”

                                  – Suggestion for a County-wide Book Sale possibly next spring for fundraising. Logistics would need to be worked out but will continue to discuss.

Meeting January 11, 2022 or snow date of January 18,2022 at 7pm

Motion to close meeting at 7:55pm 1st- Cindy Walton, 2nd- Tammy Becker

Secretary, Tammy Becker