Approved 1/12/2021
Five year Library System Plan of Service and Mission Statement 
January 1, 2021 – December 31, 2026 

Date of Establishment December 15, 1955 
System Service Area 229 
Town of Osceola and environs 

Mission Statement

Mission Statement: To provide residents and visitors of Osceola and  Surrounding areas access to information to fulfill working cultural, and leisure-time needs and interests. This use is available regardless of an individual’s location, social, or physical condition, age or level of intellectual ability.  

I. Library Collection

Elements/Goal Statement(s): To continue making available reading materials for all ages in the library. To continue adding to DVD  collections as needed. To increase patronage and interest in the library. Establish better programming and activities. 

Activity: To re-create and distribute the Informational Brochure to local stores and places as well as nearby communities not served by a local library.  

 Intended Results: 

  • Increase patron visits by five per week and circulation by ten each week. 
  • To increase circulation and audience as well as stimulate interest. 
  • Make our library “user-friendly” 
  • Increase use of the children’s and young adult collections.

II. Technical

Elements/Goal Statement(s): To maintain technology at a suitable level. To improve the quality of internet capability.  

Technology: Provide the community with a dependable internet connection free and accessible to all through wifi. 


  • Try to replace current provider with more suitable vendor.  
  • Offer computer lessons and/or assistance to the public. 

 Intended Results: Increase Library activity and interest.  

III. Community Communications

Elements/Goal Statement(s): Improve community awareness and involvement in library activities.  


  • Provide additional information to the community and outlying areas.  
  • Exchange ideas and information at NCLS sponsored activities.
  • Increase awareness through posters and brochures.  

Intended Results:

  • Increase library patronage and knowledge and provide accountability to our community and funding sources. 
  • To improve and promote Osceola Public Library. 
  • Increase public use of the building.  

IV. Financial

Elements/Goal Statement(s): Maintain public funding at a sustainable level that allows the library to continue services that best supports the community. 


  • Approach available sources regarding funding. 
  • Improve library services to continue to meet library and community standards. 

Intended Results: Provide better services and activities for the General Public and usage of the building and the surrounding communities.  

V. Renovations

 Elements/Goal Statement(s): All planned renovations have been completed.  

Activity: Encourage the Town of Osceola to do the painting and repairs on the outside of the building.    

Intended Results: Give the 1882 building an attractive facelift on the outside.  

VI. Educational Training

Elements/Goal Statement(s): Take advantage of continuing education and training including technology for all library personnel. 

Activities: Post NCLS offerings for classes and networking. Send individual notices to Board of Trustees.  

Intended Results: Increase knowledge base and capabilities.