Meeting Schedule

April 6th7:00 pm

Board of Trustees

Marilee RayomePresident2017-2022
Cynthia S. WaltonVice-Pres2016-2021
Sharon ClemensMember2019-2024
Pamela DygertMember2019-2024
Tena JonesMember2019-2024
Monica ClarkSecretary2020-2025
Wanda L. BurnsTreasurer2019-2024 
Brandi HurdMember2020-2025
Sarah ClerkinMember2019-2024
Darlene DeanMember2017-2022
Tammy BeckerMember2017-2024
Leona M. ChereshnoskiDirector

Board Meeting Minutes


JANUARY 12, 2021

Present: Wanda Burns, Marilee Rayome, Tammy Becker, Cynthia Walton, Darlene Dean, Brandi Hurd, Nathan Hurd (Public).

Absent: Pam Dygert, Monica Clark, Tena Jones, Sarah Clerkin.

Meeting was called to order at 7:09 p.m.

Minutes available: minutes taken by Marilee Rayome and Leona Chereshoski-Director

Motion to accept: Wanda Burns – 1st Cynthia Walton – 2nd ” Carried “

Treasurer’s Report – Wanda Burns

               Savings account – $4,023.43

               Checking Account – $1,273.85

               Investment Account – $68,957.06

President’s Report: Quilting Club and knitting are going well, and all are welcome to attend. There is an interest in starting a Book Club and will send e-mails out to see all who are interested and proceed from there.

Director’s Report: Request money to purchase a cordless phone and a tower heater. We all voted “Yes”. Everything has been quiet until last week (Week of Jan 4,2021). The NCLS Training is currently being done online and they are working from home. The Osceola Public Library will continue to be open at our discretion.

Old Business: The charter application has been sent and received and we are now just waiting for a response. Leona said she had to put out our opening and closing statement in regards to the virus.

New Business: Read thru and reviewed:

Five Year Library System plan of service and mission statement January 1,2021 – December 31,2026.

There was a concern brought up about the technical part of the plan in regards to the internet service and the lack thereof and trying to get out of the current contract with Windstream.                                     

Materials Selection/ Collection Development Policy

Motion to accept:  Motion to accept: Brandi Hurd – 1st   Darlene Dean: 2nd ” Carried “

ByLaws Governing The Osceola Public Library

Motion to accept: Wanda Burns – 1st Cynthia Walton – 2nd   “Carried “

Next meeting: April 6,2021 at 7 p.m. or snow date of April 13,2021

Adjourned by consent at 7:54 p.m.

Acting Secretary

Tammy Becker